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Brunswick Youth Sports (OHIO)

Board Members

2019-2020 BYS Board Members

B.Y.S. General Body Meetings are Open to the Public and are held on the second Thursday of every month. We meet at Brunswick High School in the Blue Devil Room. If the location were to change for any reason you would see that on our Facebook site as well as our monthly meeting reminders.

Meetings begin at 7:00pm from August through April and at 8:30pm from May through July. We welcome everyone to attend.
You can contact the BYS Board by using the email addresses below for specific Commissioners or Board Members. For any general questions feel free to contact us at [email protected].

The board is made up of the following VOLUNTEERS

President DJ Van Winkle[email protected]
Vice President Jeannette Sobczyk  [email protected]
Treasurer Bob Cebula [email protected]
Secretary Wendy Bertoli [email protected]
Field Manager Jeff Cleal [email protected]
Equipment Mgr Robbie Koerper [email protected]
Concession Mgr. Jeff Cleal [email protected]
Umpire-in-chief Bonnie Davila [email protected]
 Boys Leagues  
Boy’s 15-18 Commissioner Andy Gruse [email protected]
Boy’s 13-14 Commissioner Jeanette Sobczyk [email protected]
Boy’s 11-12 Commissioner (OPEN)
Boy’s 9-10 Commissioner Frank Bertoli [email protected]
Boy’s 7-8 Commissioner (OPEN)  
Boy's Travel Commissioner Bonnie Davila [email protected]
 Girls Leagues  
Girl’s 14-18 Commissioner Dan Boyer [email protected]
Girl’s 11-13 Commissioner Wendy Bertoli [email protected]
Girl’s 9-10 Commissioner Jason Perry [email protected]
Girl’s 7-8 Commissioner Wendy Bertoli [email protected]
Girl's Travel Commissioner Bonnie Davila [email protected]
 t-ball (coed)  
T-Ball Commissioner Chris Gaglione [email protected]
At-Large Gary Blakeney [email protected]
At-Large Brian Colella [email protected]
At-Large Gavin Hulvalchick [email protected]
At-Large Pat McCartin [email protected]
At-Large Jessica Perry [email protected]
At-Large Terra Van Winkle [email protected]