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Brunswick Youth Sports (OHIO)


Brunswick Youth Sports has moved to an ONLINE registration process.  This process puts the power of information back in the hands of the families and will enable a faster registration for years to come.  Our online option will allow you to enter the contact information about the parents/guardians along with the information on the children in your household.  Once the information is entered, the system will match the birthdates of the child to the program that they will fit in for the season.  There are also the usual questions regarding whether you want to participate in the league fundraiser or “buy-out” and whether your player wants to be drafted to a new team for the next season. 


Why did we move to online registration? 

BYS is large organization and registration is a large process when keying all of the data for our players.  This system will allow the parents to be in control of their data.  Since you will have a user name and password, you can change your address and phone numbers when needed.  In addition, in years that follow, your registration process will be quicker as your children will already be in the system and the next season’s registration will be a simple point and click to renew. 


What has changed or is part of the Registration process?

There are no changes to the registration process except that the forms have been moved to an online system.  You can access the online registration by clicking "My Account" at the top of the screen.  

Birth certificates are still required for NEW players.  The registration process has a spot to upload a copy of the birth certificate – so you can even take a picture of the document with your smartphone and upload that image.   

Children that are playing or currently on a Travel Baseball or Softball team cannot register for the BYS Rec Programs.  
If BYS finds that the Rec player is playing on or on a travel roster, the player will be removed from the BYS rec team without a refund.

What programs are offered ?
Rec Programs for TBall, Baseball & Slowpitch Softball
3/4 TBall          7/8 Girls Fast-Pitch Softball                   7/8 Boys Baseball
5/6 TBall          9-11  Girls Fast-Pitch Softball                 9/10 Boys Baseball
                        12-14 Girls Fast-Pitch Softball               11/12 Boys Baseball
                        15-18 Girls Slow-Pitch Softball              13/14 Boys Baseball
                                                                                       15-18 Boys Baseball

What are the registration prices?

There have been no changes in BYS pricing for this season.  There is also a $5 sibling discount applied for families when registering more than one child in one registration invoice.   

 The prices are as follows:


Early Bird Registration  (prices apply through 4/1/21)

Regular Registration (starting 4/2/21)

3-4 TBall



5-6 TBall









The league fundraiser for this season will be M&M Variety candy box. Families can either participate in the fundraiser and sell 1 box of candy (52 bars at $1.50 each) or you can opt out of the fundraiser by paying an additional $35 fee for registration.  There is no fundraiser requirement for the 3-4 TBall program. 

We are offering online payment for registration this season.  There is a $4 convenience charge for each player that is paid for by VISA or MasterCard. 


How is registration paid for?

Families have the option to pay with a VISA or MasterCard ($4 convenience fee applied for each player when paying by credit card online) OR

Families can complete the registration process and choose the “Check” payment option.  Registration will go into a “Pending” status in the system and families are required to mail a copy of their invoice that they will receive in email along with the check to: 

                Brunswick Youth Sports

                PO Box 181

                Brunswick, OH 44212

Can you request a team for your player?

 We do not accept requests for team placements for any league other than Tball.  Drafts are held (Blind draft for all leagues) and players are added to teams aiming to balance teams out by age.  Since there is a World Series play-off for leagues 9/10 and above and the large amount of players in this league, BYS can not accept requests for players to be on a certain team or with another player.  Again - TBall is an exception.  We do our best to try to honor requests in Tball.

What are the options for TBall for this summer?

As we have offered in past years, we have two options for Tball based on age. 
The 3/4 TBall program plays on Saturday mornings and has no set practices.  The 3/4 TBall season consist of 6 games over 6 weekends starting in June. The games will consist of 4 innings or a 1 hour time limit.

The 5/6 TBall program has a choice to play on Monday and Wednesday evenings  or Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  You can choose your preference when completing your registration.  If you do not select a preference, your child will be assigned a league based on need for players.  The 5/6 TBall program will hold a few practices with scheduled games to start in June.

*There are no try-outs or draft for the TBall players. TBall players will be placed on teams via a blind draft. 

Thank you for your patience as we move through the registration process this season.  We look forward to meeting the families and players on the Brunswick fields this summer. 

** The BYS Board **