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Apr, 2021

2021 Covid-19 Action Plan

Hello BYS Families,

            We are excited to kick off the 2021 BYS season! We have fielded many questions regarding our plan to return to play safely and effectively. As a board we decided the best course of action was to follow the state of Ohio Restart guidelines and the Medina County Health Department guidelines. Along with following these guidelines, we are also putting plans in place to keep everyone safe. Please note that these guidelines are subject to change. If changed by the State of Ohio or the Medina County Health Department, BYS will follow those changes and make changes to our incorporated guidelines if needed. Below are links that provide information and guidelines we are following. We’ve also made available the plans and FAQ that can help in answering any questions you may have. Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding during these hard times. Remember, we are all in this together! Stay safe, stay healthy!


Best Regards,

BYS Board

Player/Coach Plan

  1. Players will be spaced out in the dugout to allow a maximum of 6 players/coaches in the dugout at the same time.
  2. The grand stand areas will be roped off from spectators and used as extended dugouts to give the players more space to spread out safely.
  3. Players and coaches will NOT be required to wear face coverings while playing.
  4. Each team will use their own new game balls while playing defense to avoid both teams touching the same ball.
  5. Each player will be required to provide and use their own equipment (batting helmets, batting gloves, etc).
  6. Games and practices will be spaced out to allow for social distancing while entering and leaving the park.


Spectator Plan

  1. The grand stand area will be roped off from spectators and used as extended dugouts. There will be signs stating the stands are closed and for team use only. 
  2. The areas behind home plate will also be roped off. This is to relieve congestion in the concessions and restroom areas.
  3. Spectators will have to bring their own lawn chairs and sit down the foul lines past the dugouts or be on the fence in the outfield.


Concessions Plan

  1. All employees MUST wear masks.
  2. All employees MUST wear gloves.
  3. All customers MUST wear a mask will standing in line, ordering, and picking up food. No mask, no service.
  4. Plexi Glass must be used in the windows.
  5. Six feet markers will be placed on the ground.
  6. We will only have one line this year. People will order at one end of the window and then move to the other end of the window to pick up their order. No picking food up at the side window.
  7. Team sales will still be at the back door. There will be a table set up and placed behind the stand for teams to line up. 


Sanitizing/Cleaning Plan

  1. There will be at least four hand sanitizer stands. One placed between each of the fields.
  2. Between games, the field crew will sanitize the benches and the grand stands used for extra dugouts.
  3. Social distancing between non-household members will be expected to be followed. If you are unable to social distance, a mask must be worn according to the Ohio restart guidelines.
  4. Restrooms will be cleaned every two hours.



  • Are masks required to be worn at all times?
    • No. Masks are required only when walking to the fields, walking throughout the park, ordering concessions, or if you are unable to social distance from other people who don’t live in the same household as you.
  • Does my child have to wear a mask while playing?
    • No. We will be using the grand stands as extended dugouts, thus allowing the kids to space out.
  • Do I have to bring my own chairs?
    •  Yes. All picnic tables will be removed from the park. We will utilizing the spectator grand stands as extended dugouts for the players. Seating areas will be along the foul lines and in the outfield to help with social distancing. The area behind home plate will also be roped off and will NOT available for seating this year.
  •  Will the concession stand be open this year?
    • Yes. Masks must be worn by customers while standing in line, ordering food, and picking up their order.

  •  Will the concession stand do team sales?
    •  Yes. There will be a table set up behind the concession stand to do so. Masks will be required to be worn while ordering team sales and waiting on your order.
  • Will BYS provide batting helmets?
    •  No. In years past we have always had a team bag with team helmets. This year we will require each player to provide their own helmets. BYS is looking into helmets at a discounted rate to be purchased if there is enough interest.
  •  Will sanitizing stations be available?
    • Yes. Stations will be available for your safety.

  • How often will the park be cleaned?
    •  Restrooms will be cleaned every two hours. Dugouts will be cleaned after each game.